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Femme Gone Wild Dancehall

Vancouver Dancehall Training, International Workshops & Dancehall Training Retreats in Jamaica

Femme Gone Wild Dancehall 
is focused on providing exceptional dancehall training in Vancouver, Canada.  We believe in nurturing creativity and artistic development, and offering a warm and positive environment that all dancers can thrive in. Reach out to join a class today!


Dedicated to Dancehall


Femme Gone Wild Dancehall, created with the guidance and support of top Dancehall dancers in Jamaica, is a Vancouver-based dancehall program with strong ties to Dancehall Dancers in Jamaica.  We have collaborated with or had our participants train with over 40 Dancehall Crews in Jamaica.  We respect the culture, and everything we do is in appreciation of and honouring Dancehall culture. 


We will explore the foundations of dancehall with an emphasis on the beauty of the bold, feisty and sexy side of dancehall through a combination of female and male grooves. 

Dancehall is a highly energetic, rhythmic style which originated in Jamaica and has Reggae roots. Learn the foundations of dancehall in this open-level, empowering dance program.  Get ready to fall further in love with dancehall culture, its grooves and the infectious beats of the dancehall riddims, all the while delving deeper into the history of this rich culture.

Our classes are conducted in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere, but you will also be pushed as a dancer.  Expect growth in terms of strength and vibrancy as a dancehall dancer.  All races, sexual orientations and body sizes are welcome.  Shaming and bulling will never be tolerated.

Along with weekly dancehall training Femme Gone Wild hosts Dancehall training retreats in Jamaica creating a stronger link between Canada and Jamaica.  We have introduced more Canadian dancehall dancers/enthusiasts to the authentic culture on the island of Jamaica where we visited some of the most beautiful spots on Earth, and trained intensely among the top crews and dancers in the Jamaican Dancehall Scene. 

Femme Gone Wild Dancehall does not personally profit financially from their programs/retreats: all profit returns to Jamaica and the dancers which mentor and inspire us.


About Kirby:

Femme Gone Wild Dancehall is organized and led by Kirby Rae Snell.  She is a professional dancer, instructor and choreographer based in Vancouver, but flies often to Kingston, Jamaica.  She has danced and choreographed dancehall music videos both in Canada and Jamaica, organized Vancouver workshops with world renowned dancehall dancers including Nick Black Eagles, & she hosts Dancehall Training Retreats in Kingston Jamaica. 

Please email with any questions or to apply to

Covid-19 Update

We are returning to in-person training!

We still urge interested participants to register for upcoming classes early to: 

a) ensure class runs.

b) ensure your spot in our program.

We appreciate your continued support.

Online possibilities:

Online Dancehall Mastermind -  Full info:

Online 1:1 Training or Private small group training is available via zoom - email


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Vancouver, Canada

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